Buttermilk peach smoothie

Posted: 6 Agustus 2012 in Tak Berkategori

Five And Spice

We are nearing August.  The air, thick with fresia, mosquitos, and humidity begs for laziness and simplicity.  I can partially oblige.

Simplicity.  Simplicity often has such beauty to it.  So much can be contained within so little.  Like a haiku.

A haiku:

Peaches, golden orbs

Buttermilk, kissed with maple

Blend until frothy.

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Today is my friend Nadine’s birthday. In addition to a yearly tradition of my suffering through an early-morning yoga class with her (this year at the Bedford Post Inn Yoga Loft, which I will admit is a lovely space), I usually make her a birthday cake. It’s always chocolate, since she is a certified chocoholic, and often incorporates a seasonal berry, because what’s a July birthday without wineberries or blackberries or currants?

This spring and summer have been so busy for me that birthdays and holidays keep sneaking up on me: I was fully convinced, up until yesterday, that July 24th was Thursday of this week instead of, um, today. Oops. So for this year’s celebration, I decided to go easy on myself, and adapt my favorite easy cake recipe to go with the red currant mint preserves I had made over the weekend. I went even…

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Red Currants, Two Ways

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Katie at the Kitchen Door

Three years ago, I didn’t know what currants were.  I guess this isn’t really that surprising, given that I also didn’t eat broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, or other cruciferous vegetables, didn’t know how to pit an avocado, and certainly couldn’t tell you the difference between a lemon and a meyer lemon.  (Don’t totally write my three-years-ago-self off though – I did know how to prepare couscous in a dorm room without getting any dishes dirty, which I consider a feat up there with being able to completely change your clothes – underwear included – in the locker room without ever flashing anything).

Besides the fact that I didn’t really know much about food in 2009, currants haven’t really been a thing here for a long time.  You still don’t see them in grocery stores, and even at farmer’s markets, I hear a lot of people ask what they are.  Their…

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The New (Cooking) Adventures of Ole' Bill

Confusing Title? I can explain that.

Highlight of this past Monday: I got a Flat Tire driving on the freeway. Now for those who are from small towns or don’t have freeways in major cities.

One would say it’s scary as hell esp when you live in Texas. It’s a danger zone. But fortunately I was able to get off the freeway accident free and w/some assistant from my one of my boys. Got a spare put on.

Right before a rainstorm hit. To say that I had a “Case of the Mondays”, I’d probably throw somethin at you and laugh at you at the same damn time.

Word of advice for those who have crappy days: Pour ya’self a tall glass of whatever your fav drink is. (Mine’s Peach Lemonade.) Try and Crack a Smile. Thank God you survived the day and hope that tomorrow will be a…

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Peanut Noodle Salad

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Simple Provisions

Cold Peanut Noodles with Prawns

One thing I miss about Australia is easy access to fresh, aromatic and cheap Southeast Asian food. I have cravings for a steaming bowl of rare beef Pho topped with fragrant Vietnamese mint, a squeeze of lemon and a squirt of chilli sauce that’s so hot it makes my nose run. Or a big mound of Pad Thai noodles piled with crushed peanuts, spring onions, fresh bean sprouts and herbs.

Although I miss my local Thai take-away, you will not find me complaining about the plethora of fantastic and cheap Mexican restaurants nearby in Brooklyn (that deliver!). I have happily swapped Southeast Asia for Mexico when in need of a I-can’t-be-bothered-cooking Thursday night meal. But this week I wanted a simple taste of Asia. And I had a picnic to cater, so a noodle salad was made.

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Five And Spice

I’ve been meaning to make this corn salad for a ridiculously long time, ever since Joel first told me about the amazing grilled corn he used to eat when he lived in Mexico.  As far as I could tell, he couldn’t bring it up often enough, it was that good.  And from his description, I believed it was exactly as delicious as he remembered it being.

Elotes is grilled corn smeared with mayonnaise, rolled in crumbled cheese and spices, and spritzed with lime.  If you ask me, that hits pretty much all the most important food groups and flavor categories.  It sounded like something I wanted to be able to shovel into my mouth by the forkful.

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Katie at the Kitchen Door

I’ve been waiting for this meal for a long time.  Since February, to be exact, from the moment I put the first seed in the first pot to sit in my bedroom window absorbing the weak winter sun.  And by this meal, I don’t mean this dish exactly – I just mean the first meal where all of the produce (well, except the garlic, we don’t get to plant that until September) could be fresh-picked from the garden, moments before preparing it.  Accomplishing this was just as satisfying (and delicious) as I thought it would be.

The garden has been far more successful than I expected.  Our random assortment of pots with store-bought dirt have turned into a lush array of greenery, and I’m so happy about it.  The highest tendrils of the watermelon are beyond arm’s reach, the cucumbers have climbed all the way up the porch and threaten…

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