Scratch That

Posted: 6 Agustus 2012 in Tak Berkategori


Okay, so–my story about Ms. F and her Jelly Bean Monster backfired.  You guys were supposed to be outraged on my behalf, but instead everyone was like “What a neat idea!  Love it!  I’m going to use this on my child/spouse/students/employees!”

Take my friend Movita, for example.  She says she’s going to use The Jelly Bean Monster to maintain order in her college-level ballet classes.

That’s a terrible idea.  You know why?  Because her students are going to freak out.  It’s fine to upset a puny second grader, but you do not want to piss off an adult professional ballerina.  They’re strong.  They’re usually a little nuts, too (um, hello–Black Swan?)  And I get the sense that when they’re provoked, they’re not afraid to drop kick you and call it a pas de bourrée.

So, for everyone’s safety, I have to bomb the internet again.  This…

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