100% Local: Fresh Corn & Herb Soup

Posted: 6 Agustus 2012 in Tak Berkategori

If you take a look at the recipe index, you’ll spot in a second that I’m a soup girl: at last count there are 21 different soup recipes, with three versions of stock, and let’s not even talk about my somewhat random distinction between “soup” and “stew.” But it’s also clear that I like a hearty soup: number of stews aside, most of the soups are chock-a-block full of vegetables and beans, potatoes or pumpkin, something that thickens the broth into more of a dip, or produces big chunks for a hearty, one-bowl meal. This soup, however? This soup is light, delicate, almost floral; and all about the broth.

Corn, along with fresh tomatoes, juicy peaches, and berries of all colors, is one of the quintessential flavors of summer. This recipe does corn proud: corn on the cob is boiled until just tender, then the kernels are stripped off…

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